The islamic university of Asaied Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi is looking forward to achieve excellence and extraordinary in education, learning, scientific research and offering social and environment services accordance to international standards.


The University of Asaied Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi sought to provide a plan to achieve an excellence in education programs, researches, scientific studies and contributing to publishing, gathering, settling and developing the knowledge. Use the knowledge to prepare, qualified and competent cadres in areas of sciences, arts and technology, these staff members have the ability to serve the community and compete regional and international labor market.

Strategic Goals

To achieve the vision and mission of the University, we are working towards the following objectives:

  • The establishment of an educational institution on the basis of excellence in the processing of educational and service facilities in line with the quality standards and the requirements of institutional and academic accreditation
  • To provide excellent educational programs in the fields of humanities and applied to a global quality to meet the needs of the current society and vision of the future
  • Preparing specialized human resources capable of competing in local, regional and international labor markets
  • Providing a research environment that encourages freedom of thought, criticism and creativity
  • Commitment to human rights principles, values of justice, transparency and academic freedom
  • Supporting communication and cooperation with relevant universities and research centers at the local, regional and global levels

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