Date of Establishment


It was established by royal decree in Al-Bayda city 1952 November 30.



After it was religious institution established in 1952 November 30, at that time the nucleus colleges are Al-Shari’a college, Usul Al-deen college, Arabic college and department of High studies. Also it is include numbers of religious institutions and Qur’an schools spread in different areas and cities in Libya.The university received students from all over the world, at that time received more than 30 different nationality and from different continents. The university has many Waqf and religious institutions.



After September 1969 the university has been cancelled and stopped.



It was activated by minister of high education and scientific research orders(decree)under the number (941) in 2012 to complete the mission and serve the religion, country and human being.


About the University

Current Collages

The university has five colleges are:

  • The faculty of Al-shari'a and law.
  • Faculty of Usul Al-Deen.
  • Faculty of Arabic language.
  • Faculty of Islamic economics and Administration.
  • Faculty of History and civilization.

Future Collages

The university strive to establish some new faculties which are:

  • Faculty of Holy Quran and the Honorable Prophet Hadith.
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of languages.
  • Faculty of D'awa and Media.
  • Faculty of high studies.

Research Centers

Also the university has some research centers are:

  • Center of researches and scientific studies.
  • Languages center.
  • Centre of Al-Sirat Al-Saawe for training and consultation of finance and Islamic bank.
  • Center of Heritage to keep Manuscripts and revival tradition.

Future Plans

At the kingdom period the university has the operative role for helping state of Libya and the leading mission at that time gave it good reputation in Libya. For that, some municipalities gave the university lands as present to establish educational institutions and these municipalities are municipality of Al-Saheel in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, municipality of Tubruk, municipality of Eghdamis, municipality of Benghazi, municipality of Al-Zintan, and municipality of Al-Rijban.

The university preparing to establish an educational project is (the Qur’anic Al-Sunosi schools). It is series of schools, that include all educational stages from kindergarten, primary, preparatory, secondary and educational institutions. Characterized with contemporary vision, that emerged from Islamic bases with global highest quality standards. This schools distributed on various Libyan region and cities. Also is suitable with all requirements of the sustainable development and support the university.

University Site and Building

The site was allocated for university city is 90 hectares, located west Al-Baida city on coastline road, the building of the university management was completed and the architecture works of the university city were completed under the supervision of one of the international companies, that specialized in building universities. The university allocated numbers of sites to make some distinctive investment projects, that providing finance to fund university projects.