About The University

The Islamic University of Asaied Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi 

It was established by royal decree in Al-Bayda city 1961 October 29. After it was religious institution established in 1952 November 30, at that time the nucleus colleges are Al-Shari’a college, Usul Al-deen college, Arabic college and department of High studies. Also it is include numbers of religious institutions and Qur’an schools spread in different areas and cities in Libya.

250 +
Faculty Members

Site and Building

The site was allocated for university city is 90 hectares, located west Al-Baida city on coastline road, the building of the university management was completed and the architecture works of the university city were completed under the supervision of one of the international companies, that specialized in building universities. The university allocated numbers of sites to make some distinctive investment projects, that providing finance to fund university projects.